The Issue
Despite various EU policies adressed to youth unemployment, nearly 13 million young Europeans are being reckoned as NEETs. 

Furthermore the lack of eco-skills among youth is a pressing concern in today's society. Despite growing awareness about environmental issues, many young Europeans still lack a comprehensive understanding of sustainability and the skills needed to address these challenges effectively.

The Idea
EcopreNEETs builds on the importance of sustainability and environmental responsibility for entrepreneurial learning, especially when the learning is directed at youth. The project focuses on young NEETs who have long been disconnected from the labor market and promotes an inclusive approach to foster NEETs' environmental entrepreneurship through experiential learning. 

This approach will enable young people to increase their entrepreneurial skills through environmental oriented activities, while improving their digital skills.
The Objective
EcopreNEETs focuses on re-engaging young NEETs to re-enter the labour market by increasing their eco-preneurial skills (especially those from rural areas). 

The project will produce 3 concrete results:

  • Training MOOC for Eco-Skills

  • A training framework for youth workers/ trainers

  • EcopreNEETs Incubation phase