Main Results

EcopreNEETs White paper

Recommendations for an ecopreneurial competence framework

The project white paper aims to propose an eco-skills framework to inspire and empower young NEETs to establish eco-businesses or secure positions in existing companies, utilizing their eco-business skills.
It addresses specific contexts, including NEET characteristics, policies for young people and entrepreneurship, green business implementation, and eco-entrepreneurship training. 
The process involves exploring European and local contexts, conducting surveys, and presenting recommendations, which aim to support NEETs in the labor market, fostering their entrepreneurship and facilitating the establishment of eco-businesses.

The paper is available in the following languages:

Training MOOC for Eco-Skills

The MOOC will introduce young people to the world of eco-entrepreneurship

Train the Trainer

Ensuring a more sustainable & eco-preneurial education for NEETs by re-training their trainers

EcopreNEETs Incubation

A solid framework that will support young NEETs in starting up their own business